Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy that works through specific reflex points mapped out on the feet. I will work on these points using some pressure and massage to encourage the body to work more efficiency.

Following illness, stress, injury or disease your body can find itself in a state of "imbalance", and your body's vital energy or 'chi' pathways can become blocked; preventing the body from functioning to its full potential. Reflexology is a safe and effective way of encouraging you to relax and in turn, helping the improve the energy flow, thus restoring the whole person not only the symptoms of dis-ease.

I incorporate some Chinese Acupuncture points into the treatment, as the zones on the feet and acupuncture meridians are very similar. The understanding of how the body works in acupuncture offers a different perspective which I find valuable.

I trained at Gablecroft college in Shropshire in 1998, I have since studied Vertical Reflexology Therapy (VRT) with Lynne Booth and Advanced Reflexology Techniques (ART) with Tony Porter. I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AOR).

I like the different approach to reflexology that ART provides, as it is more stimulating and concentrated than the standard reflexology techniques. This helps me to give a deeper and more effective treatment when you need it. 

These are some of the conditions I have treated:

* Stress: which manifests itself in many ways, both mental and physical.

* Skeletal and Muscular injuries: neck and back problems, sciatica, sports related injuries,  and RSI.

*Hormonal issues such as PMS, fertility (conception and natural delivery) menopause and dysmenorrhoea.

* Degenerative dis-ease such as arthritis, improving mobility and lessening pain. MS.

* Circulatory disorders: heart attack, angina, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome.

* Lymphatic and immune system (boosts immunity and aids de-tox)

* Respiratory disorders, ARDs (acute respiratory disorder).

* Cancer care


Reflexology is often deeply relaxing and my clients come away feeling refreshed and find themselves sleeping easier and more peacefully!

A standard reflexology treatment lasts approximately an hour, but I do offer half-hour treatments when it is more appropriate for you.

A child's treatment is approximately half an hour.